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  Welcome to my little corner of the universe. Here you will find sterling silver, statues, pewter jewelry and of course my Universal Handmade Creations that you all have come to enjoy over the years. First of all, thanks so much for coming by and being a part of what makes this happen. The sterling silver is top quality and always economically priced. I always keep affordability in mind. Please click on the above link "Jewelry Collection" to see the folder of what I have. Sadly not EVERYTHING i can carry is here so feel free to ask. I am also on facebook as Ron Stonemage  (click on the letters to get to my page) if that does not work on facebook go to.

 My facebook page ( Ron Stonemage)

Feel free to send me a message there if you are looking for something you don't see. You can also email me at My Gmail.

Again, thank you so much for stopping by and this will forever be a growing, changing collection of work!

 Thank you for the love and light! Many blessings!

 Ron (Stone mage)


  • "I wore my Witches Alchemy pendant today. Glad I did...crazy and emotional day at work, but I left with a smile...something that hasn't happened in a long time...I usually leave..."
    Satisfied As Always
  • "I've been receiving pieces from you for a while now, and I'm sure I can speak for every customer when I say it is a surreal experience to get the piece in your hands that called..."
    Nikki Myles
    My heartfelt gratitude to this amazing artisan...
  • "I was introduced to the metaphysical world by my husband. He was the first to give me a crystal. It was a palm sized, rose quartz sphere. When he placed that stone in my hand, e..."
    Samantha Moore
    In love!